Welcome to the Demon Cat Tribe.

We are a game clan, and we're about letting everyone join us to improve each other's gaming experience. We will do that by playing games cooperatively as well as competitively, and being there to help and progress.

Right now we are working on providing you a less generic looking forum PHPBB setup and we have a banner that is just about ready that I can not wait to get put up.

So far we're only a Minecraft Server. The server IP is ; and our server type is Survival. We're primarily a vanilla server and most of our plugins are for anti-greif purposes and things like, locking your chests. We have a simple ranking system where you don't have to register on the forums to be able to build, but doing so gives you extra perks like the ability to teleport and set a home. If you remain unregistered, be sure to sleep in a bed so upon death you return to your home, rather than all the way back at spawn.

I'd like to do more things, as far as video games, rather than being "just another minecraft server". I've also opened up a Starbound server and have even started showing interests in livestreaming and posting videos on youtube. I would also like for us to group up in video games. Co-op games are not meant to be played alone.